January 2012 – Reuben’s Prayer Letter

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Dear Christian Partners,

“…It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)

How this scriptural truth pervaded my life recently! Not a new truth, but in a new spirit of saying “a new commandment I give unto you …”. The fact about “Giving to God” including the 10% is truly the secret to “Blasting Debts” away.

As a pastor, I have read, preached, and taught about giving “Tithes and Offerings” to God as indicated explicitly in the Book of Malachi 3:8-10 many times. I have practiced it and experienced the goodness of the Lord that applies. Yet, recently, my spirit was ignited by the Spirit of God so much, that despite conditions that face me, without definite income source, leading me to robbing God, rather robbing myself, as the matter of fact, for constant accumulations of “financial debts”, I rediscovered that I have been “tying two hands – the hands of God from “releasing blessings” upon me, and mine from “receiving blessings” from God’ – something, if truly obeyed by letter would “0pen the windows of heaven and pour out upon me the blessings of God that I will not have enough room to receive”.

The passage reminded me truths, which I share with God’s people, including you in this content of my prayer letter for the month of January 2012 under “Ministry Activities”.

Personal Activities:

Personal activities featured morning bodily exercises including jogging, pushing, twisting, among others, which though ‘’profit little’’, yet serve good purposes for the whole being, as involve the mind, will, and emotion. The time ushered me in the spirit of prayer and meditation in the Lord, which benefits me, not only physically, but spiritually. Bodily exercises pay! Of course, my personal Bible reading, at this time through four Old Testament Books: 2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther proved great benefits to me, as I fed on the good or godly spiritual activities of such characters, as Kings Solomon, Asa, Joash, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, Cyrus among others. The reading also occupies my mind with passages and phrases particularly recorded in Nehemiah, and Esther such as: “ The people had a mind to build” (4:6); “Our God shall fight for us”(5:20);“I am doing a great work that I cannot come down”(6:3); “Should such a man as I flee?”(6:11); and of Esther, “If I perish I perish” (4:16). Truly, every part of the Word is rich in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, instruction and strength, all for the fact, that it has got the Spirit of God Himself to be its Author in all generations.

Family Activities:

· Devotional –

The family devotions have got to take some voluntary participations. When I should be on other schedules of activities, either Marie, David, Jonathan, or one of the girls has got to be on standby to lead. They all contribute in the sharing of Scripture verses, quoting from memories, all of which serve for one another admonition in the Lord. The boys have outdone me in their interest in playing guitar, as with evident gifts in music.

Animals taught us lessons in our devotions! Whiles there are so much to learn about animals in the Scriptures, as part of teaching of God through creation, we took lessons from few. Giraffe, as a visionary animal, among others has got looks of very far distances. It eats fibbers from top trees. Similarly, the eagle, which though may be among flying creatures, such as chickens, ducks, hawks, and other birds, yet flies above in the sky and views at distant places, where it gets it prey. We learned about the boldness of lion which fearlessly heads out for its prey among animals. The wisdom is reflected from King Solomon who drew lessons from the activities of creatures, extending to ants – teaching “unity” and “hard work” to preparing for the future by gathering their food into storehouse betime. All these impart to the believers in Christ, “To seek those things which are above where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God” (Colossians 3:1-2).

. Education –

Whiles I have had my trust in the Lord for providing school fees for my kids, the experience has been one that proves the faithfulness of God. With David, our first, being out of high school (trusting the Lord to do Theology), yet this does not free out the responsibilities to pay for Jonathan in grade 11, Deborah in grade 8, Keren in grade 4, Kezia and Jemima in nursery classes. Not worrying over the “how” and “when” the school fees would be settled, with the failing away of sponsorship by the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR) in years, yet prayers served the purpose. Thanks to God and His people for partnership work. ‘’He will never leave nor forsake His own’’.

Ministry Activities:

The Ministry benefited from the teaching of the Word of God, at this time on the topic of ‘’Giving to the God’’. The messages were based on Malachi Chapter 3:7-12. The passage examined the followings:

Church Service –

· On First Sunday, January 2012, Three Essential Presentations , as outlined:

I) Giving of Selves vs. 7 ‘’Return unto Me’’ involves the ‘’Bodies’’ (Rom. 12:1).

II) Giving of Services vs. 7 ‘’Return unto Me’’ involves the ‘’Services’'(2Cor.12)

III) Giving of Substances vss.8-12 ‘’Bring into My storehouse your tithes and offerings’’

· On Second Sunday, January 2012, Three Reactions of the Lord, as outlined:

I) The Out-cry of God – vs. 7 ‘’Return unto Me!’’, ‘’Ye have robbed Me!’’

II) The Out-Curse of God – vs. 8 ‘’Ye are cursed, the whole nation’’

III) The Out-Call of God vss. 10 ‘’Bring into My storehouse’’, a divine appeal/invitation

· On Third Sunday, January 2012, ‘’ What Giving Does?’ Malachi 3:8-10

l) Provides for God’s House – ‘’My store house’’- vs.10

ll) Proves God’s Hand – ‘’ Prove Me now’’- vs. 10

lll) Positions God’s Heart – to ‘’Open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there will not be room enough to receive them’’ – vs. 10

· On the Fourth Sunday, January 2012, ‘’How Can Giving Be Done Unto God?’’

I) By Giving to God’s People (Matt. 25:31-40)

II) By Giving to God’s Program (Matt. 28:19-20)

III) By Giving to God’s Project (Exodus 36.)

Refugee Prayer Service–

Special weekly prayer services/meetings are held with the Liberian Christian Refugees Community. It is intended to keep dependence on the Lord, as James and Peter did with the scattered believers in Christ from persecution that took them among other nations.

The Partnership Activities:

The Gambia Partnership (TGP) sponsorship of school kids is intended to extend and expand the Christian outreach activities in the Gambia . As a small charity organization based in Scotland , it shares the needs or complements the educational needs associated with some school kids as depended upon the available resources. It is my prayer and hope that the Lord take you into the partnership of His work in the Gambia (1Corinthians 3:9).

Thanks for being there in Christian partnership. God bless you!


· The Lord’s ever guidance for my personal activities –

· The Lord’s faithfulness in keeping my family activities –

· The Lord’s fulfillment in ministry activities –

· The Lord’s provisions for the Partnership activities –

· The Nation and Leadership of the Gambia to be God fearing –

Faithfully yours,

Reuben N. Weedor

Banjul. The Gambia


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