February 2012 – Reuben’s Prayer Letter

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Dear Christian Partners,

‘’ As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto those who are of the household of faith’’ Galatians 6:10

I alert myself with this question: ‘’Have I been covetous of others’wealth?’’ It comes from the background, where in sharing my needs with you and others, who have been used as sources of God’s blessings in my life over the years, may seem to be the case. To recall, it was a difficult decision, when the Lord called me, like Abraham, to step out into the ministry of pastorate, 23 years ago. I was as Peter saying, ‘’Lord, we have left all and followed you, what is the benefit to us?’’ I say to myself, ‘’Have I lived a kind of beggarly life, in making mention of my needs almost every time to people, especially of God? To put it bluntly to myself, ‘’Have I been more a receiver rather than a giver as being less blessed, so to say, as stated in Acts 20:35?” Or, on the other hand, ‘’Have I been a blessing to other believers? Or, do we say, from a right perspective, ‘’I am blessed and you are blessed, or, I am blessed but you are more blessed?’’. For the Scripture says, “He has dispersed abroad, he has given to the poor, his righteousness remains for ever’’ 2 Corinthians 9:9. I believe the answer is found with the fact that, ‘’we serve in partnership with Christ’’ 2 Corinthians 3:9. God will certainly reward His own people for any way they give themselves, their services, and their substances for the support of His people, His program, and His project.

I realize one thing, that God never stops His supports for His children. For some reasons, man may fall short but how God continues to do remains a mystery! Over the years, I testify of the goodness of the Lord towards me through His own people. Even though, the facts remain that some sources of supports come to stop: as some of the people passed away to be in heaven, others discontinued for not having much to share with me anymore, or for other reasons, God knows, yet others still come in as God would do through them on my behalf. Although, I have got no particular Church or mission to send me out as on a missionary support, yet I believe I am sent out by God Himself, who has got to direct His help to me through His people, in partnership. I herein say thanks to God and you for your any way by means of supporting His people, program, and project, including me, His servant.

The Lord ever remains faithful, who has promised never to leave, nor forsake His own. It is my prayer and hope that our God keep our lives faithful also to the end of the age. And, I take this as a privilege to share with you my prayer letter of February 2012:

I. Personal Engagements –

Morning Bible reading put my mind in place to think right, speak right, and act right. At this time, I took through the Book of Job and parts of Psalms. What a treasure of truths to always make wise the simple. How true it to say with David, “Through thy commandments I have more understanding than mine enemies,…all my teachers,…the ancients”? Study through the Book of Joel R. Beeke “Living for the Glory of God” added blessings to my personal life as well.

ll. Family Engagements –

Daily Bible devotions formed the life of my family. Nine members family, including wife, seven children, 3 boys (Dave – 18, Jonathan – 16, Obed – 1yr 5 months) and 4 girls (Deborah – 14, Keren – 9, Kezia – 5, and Jemima – 4 ) has come through as the result of God’s faithfulness and goodness that endure to all generations. Everyone has got his or her God-given talent or gift to the benefit of the family members. The goings has not just been smooth, as involves struggles with meeting family needs, including food, shelter, clothing, education, health, and other attachments, especially in difficult refugee life. How true it is, ‘’If it has not been the LORD who was on our side… then they (problems) had swallowed us quickly”( Psalm 124:1).

lll. Ministry Engagements –

A. Preaching, teaching, witnessing, fellowshipping have been included with the Church planting ministry of ‘’Footprints Christian Fellowship’’, as we identify ourselves in the local body of Christ. The services provide us the opportunities to share our spiritual gifts together, as in sharing the Word of God through preaching/teaching, singing, giving of thanks and testimonies, as well as making reports from outreach activities, and prayers. Though, a small group, yet it is a unit of the whole, that enjoys the presence of the Lord, as the Bible says, ‘’Where two or three are gathered together in His name there he is in their midst. As may interest you, some of the messages in the months were outlined as follows:

1st Sunday, February 2012,

B. On the 1st Sunday, February 2012, we took review of the theme ‘’How Can Giving Be Done unto God?’’

I) By Giving to God’s People (Matt. 25:31-40)

II) By Giving to God’s Program (Matt. 28:19-20)

III) By Giving to God’s Project (Exodus 36:1-7)

On the 2nd Sunday, February 2012, we studied on the

theme: Giving to God (His People, Program, Project)

Text: Galatians 6:6-10

The Three (3) Kinds of Heart Involve:

I. A Giving Heart – vs.6

II. A Mocking Heart – vs. 7

III. A Sowing Heart – vss. 7-10

-Four Principles require:

-You Don’t Sow, You Don’t Reap –

-You Reap Just What You Sow –

-You Reap Less than What You Sow –

-You Reap More than What You Sow –

3rd Sunday, February 2012,

Theme: Giving

The Three Erasers of Falsehood about Giving:

I. That Giving Will Run-Out one, yet refuted in 1 Kings 17:8-16, as resulted from the feeding of Prophet Elisha by a widow of Zarephath with her last meal.

II. That Giving of Little (all) does not Count, yet refuted in Mark 12:41-44, by the offer of a poor widow her only mite (all her living), something commended by the Lord Jesus Himself.

III. That Giving to Jesus (God) is a Waste yet refuted in Mark 14:3-9, by Jesus when certain of His disciples (including Judas) had said, that the use of the alabaster ointment on His feet was a waste.

4th Sunday, February 2012,

Theme: Giving

That It has got three (3) Backgrounds (Settings):

I. Priority Giving – based on 2 Cor.8:2-9, that the believers “First of all” gave themselves (including their services and substances) to the Lord.

II. Promissory (vows makings), as in 1 Sam. 1:9-11, by Hannah, something encouraged by God, except when defers (Eccl. 5:4).

III. Principally Giving – as in 1 Cor. 16:2-4, to be done periodically, proportionally, and prosperously.

The ministry has got to take on some academic teaching activities with kids of the Christian parents. The kids are taught from Mondays – Friday. There is also an initiative of adult literacy class under the ministry. There are other special spiritual activities including women and kids fellowships in the week with Marie (wife) and Deborah (daughter).

lV. Refugee Engagements –

Weekly prayer services were observed with the refugee Christians. I take lead of this group along with some Christian brethren, to minister among the refugee community. They are largely neglected by the agency (UNHCR) that supposed to be in charge of them. I form part of this group. I share the passions to be prayed about also, as the Lord works out His will with this group associated with both physical and spiritual needs.

V. Partnership Engagements –

Kids’ education sponsorship with numbers of school is the initiative of the The Gambia Partnership. As a small Christian charity organization based in Scotland, this group identifies educational needs with Christian schools, particularly associated with Gambia kids that lack educational supports. As a contact person, I hereby advance and invite individual, group, organization to joint efforts together to reach the needy kids in the Gambia for Christ’s sake.

Finally, once again, I take pleasure in you for your willingness to share my concerns and prayers. How I appreciate your every support in partnership with me! Only Heaven will reward you!

Vl. Thanksgiving/Prayers –

1. The personal engagements – to maintain Godly activities and fulfilments

2. The family engagements – to be established by the Word of God

3. The Ministry engagements – to be Christ-centred in vision ,mission, and passion –

4. The Partnership engagements – to obtain resources for the supports of the kids educational needs

Brotherly yours,

Reuben N. Weedor

Banjul, The Gambia



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