April 2012 – Reuben’s Prayer Letter

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Dear Partners,

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world ( Romans 1:8).

May I infer here, too, as in James 5:15, to say “the Prayer of faith” of you is spoken of throughout the whole world? Prayer undoubtedly reaches with faith to the uttermost part of the earth! For example, you and I may be so far apart geographically, but how prayers in partnership amazingly touch lives of each of us at distances, only God who commands us to pray really knows its extent. For where faith works, there certainly prayer works!
However, in my communication, I aim at sharing with you the other aspect of prayer, which is ‘‘Thanksgiving” to God and for His people whose prayers continue to touch my life this far end. The Prayer of Thanksgiving is in the list of priorities, as mentioned, “I exhort therefore, that first of all … thanksgiving be made for all men… ‘’1 Timothy 2:1, “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you ’’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18. How too many times I find myself rather concerned about the other aspects of prayer and slide away from the prayer of thanksgiving! I hereby give thanks for even this opportunity of thanksgiving. I know that I cannot count all His many blessings to me, as so much as the sand of sea or stars in the sky, as included in His promised blessings to Father Abrahim. Nevertheless, I still ‘’offer the sacrifice of praise to God… the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name’’, as associated with activities of my life, reflecting the month of April 2012:

Personal Life –
I thank God first of all for my being – factioned on His mind in all eternity! I thank Him for all my body parts, including, hands, fingers, feet, toes, eyes, ears, nose, etc, enabling me to function in life, without which I would not be able to serve in the daily activities of my life.
I thank Him for His eternal plan of salvation for my life, involving my soul and spirit, granting me His forgiveness of all my sins and eternal life in His Son Jesus Christ. This truth alarms me so much, as sounds out in the songs “I am Saved Forever, Forever I am Saved’’; ‘’I am Saved by the Blood of the Crucified One”. I thank God that for the time and ability He provided me to read His Word through Isaiah into Ezekiel with prayers in the month. I thank God for His wisdom, understanding, knowledge, discretion, instruction, strength given me, to fear and obey Him, to have boldness and utterances, in spirit and in truth, by His grace in my life – all in answers to prayers.

Family Affairs –
I thank God for every member of my family, including wife and seven children! Marie and the Kids: Dave, Jonathan, Deborah, Keren, Kezia, Jemima, and Obed are all added blessings to my life of the LORD! The Scripture says, ‘’ He that finds a wife finds a good thing’’. Also it is written in Psalms 127, that‘’ Children are gifts from God… blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them ‘’. I thank God for their practical involvements in my life. They provide me the husbandry and fatherly responsibilities, a secret of the Lord to serve in His employment, the privilege of raising His family in His way. I thank God for each person’s distinctive unique personality and characters in reflections of their gifts of the Lord which add to the family values: the family spiritual (devotional) life – providing the opportunities to learn of God how to relate to Him, others, and ourselves; the family educational life, leading Dave out of high school, studying the Word of God, and contributing with computer knowledge; challenging Jonathan with studies in grade 11th with his artistic ability , pushing Deborah with her studies in grade 8, bringing Keren up in grade 4, and nursing Kezia, jamima, and Obed with home school; family provisional life – with supplies of food, clothing, and shelter, meeting daily needs of the family; and family medical life – something I must be grateful to the Lord for; for facts that, our family’s health cares are being kept by the Lord Himself. He is truly our Jehovah Shammah!
MinistryAffairs –
I thank God for His creating, commanding, calling, choosing, and controlling power in my life for the ministry. By the way, the five (5) words of letter C, amongst others discovered personally with Scriptural truths, are reminders to me by the Spirit, making special impacts on me, to advancing with the vision, mission, and passion of Christ for the ministry. I thank Him for giving me the platform to share my gifts of preaching, teaching, managing His business with the ministry of the Footprints Christian Fellowship. I am very grateful to Him for the encouragements of His people who pray and support my life – something to mention also later of you, in partnership. I appreciate the Lord for the involvements of my own family members with me in His work. I know that the good works He has begun in my life, the same will He also complete. Thanks to the Lord for opportunities to testify of Him in Countries of Gambia and Senegal in the month, as involved with refugees.

Partnership Affairs –
I am very thankful to God for you, I mean particularly you, who have been in partnership, not only with me but with the Lord Himself (1 Cor.3:9)! Do you know that it is actually the Lord’s work through your prayers and supports that have taken me this far in His work? So, I say thanks to you, too in a special way for your every personal spiritual and material support. You are one person, to whom He will say, ‘’ I was hungred, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; Naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me.’’ Of course, your question: ‘’ Lord, when saw I Thee … and did all these to you?’’ His answer: ‘’Forasmuch as ye did it to the least of my brethren (including Reuben), ye did it unto Me.’’ That’s it for you, my prayer partners! How does it sound about you? I believe, Great! By the way, whiles, it is that I may not mention your name here particularly, you know yourself, above all the Lord knows you, for your part played in my life, not only in the past month, but over times! Please, accept of me, in saying from my heart, I thank the Lord and thank you for the partnership, supportive thoughts, words, and actions, whether you imagine to be little or nothing, I say to you, it is something great of you in eternity! Even though, you might have extended this kind of partnership works with others, but I single you out for the blessings you have been to me, all for Christ’s sake!

By the way, I want to share my thoughts with you on that word ‘Partnership’. It gets to me as the word ‘Fellowship’, which someone has said, it means ‘’two fellows in one ship.’’ It goes like we are in partnership with our Lord, when we join in fellowship with one another. Actually, by being in partnership, it takes us into many other ships with one another, as embed in words attached with the suffix ‘ship’: relationships, membership, friendship, courtship, fellowship, worship, leadership, and so on. For now, we share ‘’the laws of one another’’ in our partnership, including ‘’love one another; forgive one another; confess your faults one with another; pray one for another; be kindly affectionate one with another; esteem one another; bear one another’s burden; admonish one another, the list goes on and on until we join our Lord someday to be with Him in the Heavenship. There He Himself will say to you, ‘’Well Done!’’ or in order words, ‘’ Congratulations to you!’’ There the THANKS that had never ever been offered on earth for your good service, something that I had even lacked to say and do, will really be said and done to you by the LORD Himself.
Factually, I cannot even count all the facets of the Lord’s blessings in a second of time for me, how dare I count them for many days as in a whole month! Finally, I thank God for all that He has done for me, all that He is doing for me, and all that He will ever do for me, as through you, in partnership with Christ.

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