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Jeff Weedor's Operation

Jeff Weedor's Operation

The Partnership have lost some good friends in the last few years to treatable diseases, we have been saddened and shocked to hear that people have died where it could have been prevented. We often see horrific sights on our screens but feel detached and unmoved because it happens so much and there doesn’t seem much we can do. The Partnership is in a privileged position where every penny raised is spent on the work in the Gambia. We have learned the hard way about not being too cynical whilst being savvy enough to ensure we make good use of our resources.

We were delighted to be able to help a young man called Jefferson, a refugee, with funds for a life saving op recently. It is another example of Christ’s love, reaching out to those who cannot help themselves and blessing them in a very practical way. Jefferson was delighted obviously commenting that had it not been for this intervention, he would possibly not be alive now.

We share this to remind you of the work the Partnership is involved with on different levels. In February next year we hope to build a new school for 250 young people and will be taking a team out from the UK to make this happen. Please keep in touch if you require further info. We are also, this week, in the process of making payment towards over 20 young people’s school fees for the year. Local individuals have been sponsoring these young people through school, committing towards their future in a real and practical way. Thank you very much for your support with that!

Just a wee update,
The Partnership committee